Carina Star Cluster [NGC 3603]

Carina Star Cluster

[NGC 3603]

NGC-3603-Star-Forming-Region NGC-3603-Star-Forming-Region NGC-3603-Star-Forming-Region

Wikipedia Excerpt

NGC 3603 is an open cluster of stars situated in the Carina spiral arm of the Milky Way around 20,000 light-years away from the Solar System.

NGC 3603 has been subject to intense study as a starburst region for more than a century because it represents a unique combination of proximity, low visual extinction, brightness and compactness.

It was observed by John Herschel on the 14th of March 1834 during his visit to South Africa, who remarked that it was “a very remarkable object…perhaps a globular cluster“. Herschel catalogued it as nebula 3334 in his Results of Astronomical Observations made at the Cape of Good Hope, published in 1847. In 1864 the Royal Society published his General Catalogue of Nebulae and Clusters, where he listed it as number 2354. It was subsequently incorporated into the New General Catalogue as by J. L. E. Dreyer as NGC 3603.

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